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Messagefrom CEO

Message from CEO

Many patients suffer for liver diseases all over the world, but the patients who can receive the donor liver are very little. For the liver disease treatment, the liver cell sheets, which made of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) in human's living body, have been developed by Prof. Goshi Shiota of Tottori University. (Sci Rep. 2015, 5: 16169.)

Our cell sheets treatment can just put cell sheets onto liver surface, and makes both acute injuring and liver fibrosis caused by chronic injuring decrease. Liver fibrosis become worse to liver cirrhosis and carcinogenesis. Therefore, we expect that liver cell sheets will be an effective treatment for these liver diseases.

We are challenging research and development in order to offer the patients these wonderful technology after starting clinical trial in a few years.

September 2018
President and CEO, KanonCure Inc.

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